STONE SECTOR EXCELLENCE - Special distribution at the most important International Stone fairs. The leading magazine, worldwide, for the sale and exportation of stones and allied technologies

Quine Srl is the publishing group specialized in technical and B2B editorial communication, as well as the leading publisher for the professional technical updating. It collaborates with the most important associations and research institutions with the aim of supporting companies and specialists in fulfilling all the training obligations required by law or by the market. Quine focuses its activities on the dissemination of technical and professional knowledge, seeking authority, significant partnerships, and rigor in technical content, as well as leadership in updating, offering a wide and diversified range of services. The recent acquisitions of the Publishing branch of Fiera Milano Media and DEI Tipografia del Genio Civile have contributed to consolidating Quine’s role as a cultural reference point in the various sectors in which it operates, including construction engineering, production of machinery and industrial robots, ICT, professional cleaning, food industry and Hospitality.

With its own magazine, MARMOMACCHINE Magazine, Quine srl intends to give ample room to communication tailored to designers and builders, also to help them identity, choose and more knowledgably use real natural stones.

Since its first issue, in 1972, MARMOMACCHINE Magazine has been updating technicians on the latest technologies and informing dealers and architects about the availability of finished products ready to install.
Marmomacchine Magazine aims to be the reference point in the world of stone processing and lapidary materials. The magazine offers a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies, design trends, and innovations in the marble and natural stone processing sector. Through in-depth articles, exclusive interviews with industry leaders, and reports from international trade fairs, MARMOMACCHINE Magazine provides industry professionals with the most up-to-date and relevant information to keep pace with an ever-evolving market. With a special focus on sustainability, advanced technology, and best industrial practices, the magazine caters to a wide range of professionals, including architects, designers, engineers, and stone industry operators. With Marmomacchine Magazine, explore the latest innovations in the world of stone processing and be inspired to create extraordinary and lasting projects.

MARMOMACCHINE Magazine, published in Italian/English, is distributed worldwide in print and digital version and has more than 13,000 readers not only for its relevant contents but also, and above all, for its independence, which guarantees objectivity and a plurality of information.

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